Laura S.

“Air House Music Academy has been my family’s go-to for music lessons since my youngest sister started taking guitar in the early 2000’s. David Lord, a virtuoso guitarist himself, is highly professional and a brilliant curator of the most skilled and charismatic musical educators. On a more personal level, I reached out to Air House looking for a master’s level piano teacher after ten years away from my undergraduate piano performance work. David didn’t disappoint. He set me up with Connor Siler, a teacher at the master’s level, who has not only challenged me and grown me more than I have ever grown in a short time toward mastering my instrument, but has also made me feel encouraged and so excited about getting back on the horse after all this time. My love for piano and my skill level are blossoming more than ever. From very beginners to advanced to virtuoso level students, Air House Academy has the perfect fit for everyone. For us, it was a game changer because lessons with Air House are affordable while offering unmatched musical excellency. Thank you, Air House!!”

109 S. Ridge Rd.
Wichita, KS 67209


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