About House of Rock

The House of Rock Performance Program is designed to musically enrich young people by giving them the opportunity to play in a band with their peers, express their creativity, record in a professional studio and perform at live music venues. Throughout the program, they learn a vast array of musical concepts, how to work as a team, experience freedom of creative expression, and to HAVE FUN with music!

Ages 8-18

Headliners is our primary performance group.  Students rehearse once a week and get to play some of the greatest music of all time, past and present, as well as learning the creative skills that go into crafting this music.  Students are given songs that are tailored to their age, experience and ability.  In addition to learning a full set of cover songs, students are given an opportunity to write an original song with their peers and record that song in the Air House recording studio. The goal of this program is to give them the opportunity to play music with others, empower their creativity, and prepare them to perform in the studio and live on stage in front of an audience.  After a few months of practice, students play a live show at a local venue.

Ages 18 and up

In our Adult Program, students are placed in a band of fellow adults and then assigned specific songs as a way of learning key music fundamentals and skills.  There is no greater way to improve as a musician than playing with others and Icons gives adults this opportunity.



Private lessons available for all ages and skill levels.

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Play in a band!

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Hybrid analog/digital recording studio.

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