Air House Studio

Air House Studio is a hybrid analog/digital recording studio in Wichita, KS, designed by master recording engineer, Micajah Ryan (Bob Dylan, Guns N’ Roses, Megedeth) and Air House owner, David Lord. ¬†Air House features the best in digital recording technology along with a fully analog setup of compressors, equalizers and preamps; a variety of ribbon, tube, condenser and dynamic microphones; and a two inch tape machine to provide the warmth that is lacking in digital recording. Air House Studios is a truly unique recording opportunity for the Wichita area and beyond.

Air House Recording Studio

Since 2009, Air House has recorded countless projects and albums, ranging from world famous clients like Macy Gray, Cady Groves & Skinny Hightower and established local bands like Dustin Arbuckle, The Travel Guide & Kill Vargas to Air House students and developing musicians recording a demo. Recording in a professional studio is one of the most exciting experiences that any musician can have, and Air House gives all of our students and the community at large the opportunity for a wonderful recording experience.

Air House Studio offers services in recording and mixing, and is experienced with an array of genres. Whether you are wanting to record a song, make a demo, produce a full length album or have a song or album mixed, Air House is fully equipped to meet your needs.

Air House Studio is also home to a variety of recording masterclasses and clinics, as well as educational opportunities for Air House students to augment their musical training through the highly educational experience of recording.

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Private music lessons in Wichita, KS. Air House has the top teachers in the area, offering piano, guitar, voice, drum, bass, saxophone lessons and more.

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Our House of Rock program gives students the opportunity to play in a band with their peers, express their creativity and perform at live music venues.

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Air House Studio is a hybrid analog/digital recording studio located in Wichita, KS, offering services in recording and mixing. From a demo to a full length album, Air House can help you achieve your sonic goals!

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109 S. Ridge Rd.
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