Blaine Martin

Born and raised in Wichita, KS, Blaine fell in love with music at a young age after begging his parents for piano lessons. His musical roots began with years of orchestra, youth jazz bands and learning from many seasoned players at late night blues jams.

After finding a specific passion for Jazz, Classical, as well as songwriting during his highschool years, Blaine decided to pursue music in College, graduating with a B.A. in Music from Friends University where he studied Jazz Piano, Jazz Bass, Classical Piano, and Classical Bass, and performed in Jazz Combos, Big Bands, and Orchestras. Since then he has become a multi-disciplinary musician playing Piano, Electric and Upright Bass, Guitar and Ukulele.

While studying in music school Blaine began to become active in the Wichita music scene, performing with local groups, notably recording and touring as a bassist with local Indie-rock band Old News. He has also done work with a variety of local artists both live and as a studio musician in a variety of genres: Rap, Jazz, R&B, Folk, Rock.

Blaine continues studying music of all styles, focusing in the songwriting and Jazz realms. He performs with other artists as well as playing solo sets around the city. He continues to write, record and explore his own music, currently working on his first album.

Blaine approaches the teaching of music with his ears first; focusing on universal musicianship and joy, allowing the student’s curiosites, goals and interests to be the main drivers, supporting them with a strong base of technical and theoretical knowledge to facilitate well rounded musicianship.

109 S. Ridge Rd.
Wichita, KS 67209


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